Snoop Blue 12.5cm


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Dogs need stimulation too, that’s why the Snoop exists. This is an award-winning toy for adult dogs and puppies. The toy itself is simple to use.

The  is made of a stronger material than traditional rubber, it is enriched with natural mint to keep breath fresh and, as it is light, it even floats in water. The product is free of plasticizer, bisphenol A and is 100% non-toxic.

The  has the shape of a ball with a neck and it is precisely in this neck that you can put treats. Then just press the neck and the fun begins. The dog’s job is now to retrieve the treats from the ball. After using the ball, it is very easy to wash it and reuse it. Thanks to its robustness, the toy can also be used as a chew toy.

Available in different colors.
Adaptable level of difficulty thanks to the
Very robust and non-toxic
intelligence toy
food dispenser
Awarded with a prize


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