Square cover sand bath


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The  sand bath offers you plenty of space and safety to have fun while taking a bath, perfect for your favorite’s daily personal hygiene. As a filler, we recommend chinchilla sand.

Suitable for the following animals:

All mouse types
dwarf hamster
golden hamster
The sand bath is available in two different sizes and has an ergonomic shape, without points or corners, therefore without risk of injury. It also has generous volume so your little friend can scratch and dig for natural claw wear. The sand bath can also be used as a digging box with various soil conditions.

Variant 1: 21 cm
Species: Colored Mouse, Golden Hamster, Dwarf Hamster
height: 12cm
Material: Wood
Outer diameter: 21cm
Amount of sand: 5.0 kg of sand

Variant 2: 33 cm
Animal species: Chinchilla, Degu, colored mouse, golden hamster, gerbil, gerbil hamster
height: 12cm
Material: Wood
Outer diameter: 33cm
Amount of sand: 5.0 kg of sand


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